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Jimmy Dahl Pedersen

Virtual SAP

mePosted by Jimmy Dahl Pedersen 29 Jun, 2012 08:35:35
Victory !!!!!!!!!

I FINALLY succeded in installing the SAP trial version on a Virtual XP machine installed in an Win 7 environment. It only took about 18 tries :-) but now I can code at home

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mePosted by Jimmy Dahl Pedersen 10 Jun, 2012 09:17:47
Got lcuky yesterday and found 70-80 English fantasy / Science Fiction books in a danish fleamarket, got them for lousy 280 Dkr WEEEE :-) Life is good :-)

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mePosted by Jimmy Dahl Pedersen 07 Jun, 2012 13:02:42
Have just planted my VERY first Avocados. I hope they turn out great, although I hate the fruit :-) I just love to see things grow :-)

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mePosted by Jimmy Dahl Pedersen 04 Jun, 2012 19:50:25
Currently reading the WD4 book - Web dynpro for Abap and as usual with any SAP book I have ever read it is FULL of both coding and spelling errors.... I wonder if they will EVER learn :-)

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mePosted by Jimmy 28 Aug, 2009 09:17:52

Take a look, this is me :-)


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mePosted by Jimmy 13 Aug, 2009 08:41:27
well well, All seems to fall into place for my upcoming move to sweden, now all I need is a place to buy :-)

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SAP TechEd

mePosted by Jimmy 04 Aug, 2009 09:17:40
Was first booked for the Vienna arrangement, but got moved to the one in Phoenix, US.....not a bad switch I think? :-) So US, I will come to you from the 10/10 to the 17/10 2009, get ready!

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mePosted by Jimmy 30 Jul, 2009 13:09:42

well...my first attempt with a blog wasn't all that succesfull :-) I complained to my ISP that I couldn't login....after 10 minutes I realised, I had spelled my OWN email adress wrong :-(....*sigh*

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